Sunday, February 5, 2012

Raising Young Men (or Just a Cute Story About My Kids!)

Let me set up the story for you.  Josiah is my just-turned-4-year-old, Naomi is my 6-year-old, and Will is my 9-year-old.  My kids have been outside helping Dad with firewood and playing in the snow for hours.

Josiah comes inside holding his snowy mitten in his hand.  He says,  "My glub fell off.  Can you help me put it back on?"  While I'm doing that, he spots an open bag of baby carrots I'm snacking on.  He asks,  "Can me have a carrot?"  I hand him a carrot and he heads happily back outside.

A little while later he's back again, once again with the mitten in his hand.  He asks again if I can help.  While I'm putting the mitten on him, he asks,  "Can me have two carrots?"  So I hand him two carrots and once again he heads out the door.

A few minutes later, he comes back in.  This time he says,  "Me told a lie.  Me took off my glub myself.  Naomi wanted a carrot."  Choking back laughter, I give him a hug and tell him I'm proud of him for telling the truth and remind him that he can just ask if someone wants a carrot.  He of course asks for more carrots, then heads back out the door once again.  As he's tromping out the door into the snow he says,  "Will told me to come tell the truth."

Oh, the joys of being a mom!  :)


  1. This is such an adorable anecdote. I laughed.
    Your kids are brilliant :)

  2. Yes, I think they are awesome and brilliant! Of course I may be a little biased ;)