Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dishwater University: Something Fun

No, the fun thing is not having bourbon for breakfast.  I personally wouldn't know, but I have been having some fun listening to this audio book from the Mises Institute.  It's also available as an e-book.  I had a busy day today with lots of cooking, baking, and household chores to do, and this book has been entertaining me while I've been working.  I've been listening to and reading some heavy (for me, anyway) stuff lately, and I was just looking for something lighter for a break.  This fit the bill perfectly.  (I also really love donuts and I thought the cover was cool.)  It's a series of thirty-one essays on a variety of topics related to living in a world where statism is everywhere you turn.  

I started off listening to this in the bathroom as I got ready for my day, and I was cracking up as Tucker explains how to defeat government regulations by hacking your showerhead, and other ways that the  government has made their way into your bathroom.  I was giggling while cleaning out my kitchen sink as I listened to the chapter called "The Great Drain Debacle", where he describes a monumental battle with his garbage disposal.  Some of the essays are more serious, but all are thought-provoking.  You'll laugh and hopefully learn something at the same time.


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  1. That actually sounds like a book I'd like to read! :) Thanks for the tip, Tanya!