Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jury Duty, and Ron Paul in a Motorhome

Guess what?  I got a summons for jury duty!  Awesome, right?  Well, if you read my little blog or look at the links I post, you already know I'm not a big fan of the state.  Jury duty should be an interesting experience.  While I was searching around for some helpful info on the anti-statist take on jury duty, I stumbled across this great interview with Ron Paul from 2009.  I think this one's my all-time favorite, and you gotta love the motorhome!  It's only marginally related to jury duty, but interesting nonetheless.

So what to do about jury duty?  The easiest thing would be to get out of it altogether, so I called to let them know I'm a mother at home with young children and I have no child care available.  I do have teenagers who babysit occasionally, but I'm not really interested in drafting them into providing free babysitting services for the state.  They have better things to do.  I'm told it's pretty tough to get out of jury duty, though.  Hopefully if I have to go, once I share my views on government they'll send me on my way so I won't have to be put into an awkward situation.  I don't think I could give a guilty verdict and send someone to jail for a "crime" where there is no victim, such as a drug charge.  I don't believe a crime against "society" is a crime at all, even if it involves behavior that is wrong or just plain stupid.  If that sounds like an unusual idea to you, it might be helpful to read a two-part blog post my daughter wrote about crime:  So what are your thoughts about jury duty?  Any advice?